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What's New in Version 9.0

This must-have upgrade saves you time through a new user interface, direct importing of questionnaires from Word, and a new topline report.  Our innovative dropout analysis helps you do better research.  Respondent panels help you manage multi-wave studies and select suitable respondents.

(If you do not have Version 8.1, also see What's New in Version 8.1)

New User Interface

  • Add, edit, insert, delete, and drag questions to new positions using the question list in the main window
  • Change question types at any time
  • Enhanced question importing 
  • See question labels, answer choices, and specifications at the same time
  • See Web and print preview directly from the question window
  • Numeric and answer grid questions can have up to 100 sub-questions
  • Move backwards to previous questions and forwards to new questions while adding or editing questions
  • Add, edit, and delete logic instructions in a single window
  • Move backwards and forwards between questions while adding or editing logic instructions
  • Enhanced support for right to left languages
  • True WYSIWYG banner labels
  • See banner labels and data values at the same time
  • Save and recall related files as a “project”


Dropout Analysis – a CRS First! 

  • See where people quit a survey
  • See question types and demographics


Other New Report Features 

  • Produce questionnaire forms showing summary results 
  • Produce tables & verbatim reports together
  • Produce compact tables when some row labels are long, others short
  • Create instant filters when producing reports
  • Find text in reports


Web Surveys 

  • Unlimited size password and address files
  • Set automatic end dates for surveys 
  • Password lists show numbers not starting, starting, and finishing a survey 
  • Show graphics in answer choices  
  • Record time spent individual web pages 
  • Establish quotas for completes
  • Have links pop up windows 
  • Append data to incoming and outgoing links 
  • Show running total when using Check Total 
  • Embed Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime in a page 
  • Use question and answer frames and other new appearance options
  • Reset individual passwords directly on the Web
  • Import addresses from source files with errors

Web Reports 

  • Specify chart type by question
  • Include filters in password files to limit certain people to viewing subsets of the data, e.g., their own department
  • Exclude specified questions from instant banner choices

Import and Export 

  • Import Word documents directly into question files
  • Export tables and verbatims into PDF
  • Export a series of charts to files in one step - ideal for PowerPoint 

Sample Management

  • Unlimited telephone numbers in a file
  • Record answer times for each question
  • View the callback schedule in appointment time order
  • Edit the callback schedule
  • Purge interviewer comments from sample files
  • Show Web page surveys from the Call window
  • Import phone numbers from source files with errors

New! – Respondent Panels  

  • Create panels of respondents to re-use in survey waves (Web or phone)
  • Update panel members’ data
  • Select respondents for new studies on any criteria



  • Send email to authenticated servers 
  • Send HTML email
  • Keep a “Do not email” list
  • Delete lists of addresses from address files
  • Merge respondent info into email invitations
  • Send email automatically from a Web survey to thank respondents or to alert management to a dissatisfied customer


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