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Price and Ordering Information

We believe you should only have to pay for what you need.  For this reason The Survey System is sold in four editions and a series of optional modules.  See the product information pages for detailed descriptions.  

The Survey System is available with its windows and help file appearing in either English or Spanish.  Users with existing copies can add the other language for the Additional Language Interface prices shown below.

Outline of Editions -  All editions include:

  • Hard-copy technical manual and easy-start tutorial.
  • Interview style and keypunch data entry.
  • Highly customizable tables and charts.
  • Word processor questionnaire importing.
  • Drop-out analysis.
Evaluation Edition - Contains full Professional Edition with all extra modules.  No time limit, but limited to very small surveys. Also downloadable free with a PDF tutorial, but without the reference manual, by clicking here.

Basic Edition - For "check the box" surveys. Unlimited respondents. Allows up to 10 answer choices per question.  No verbatims (text answers).  Ideal for customer service surveys.

Professional Edition - The professional researcher's toolkit. Unlimited respondents. Allows up to 500 answer choices per question, 15-digit numeric answers, verbatims (text answers) and interview logic (skips, randomizations, piping and more). Can add any modules mentioned below. For a single user.

Enterprise Edition - Same as Professional Edition, but for 2 or more analysts. Files can be shared on network. Price quoted is for 2 analysts. As a limited-time offer, additional analysts cost only $250 each and can use any modules purchased for the first two analysts.

Item      (All prices are in US $) Evaluation
The Survey System   49   499   999   1999  

Additional Analysts (Price each)

n/a   n/a   n/a   250  
Internet Module (Web and E-mail) incl.   500   500   1000  
Indexer (benchmarking) incl.   500   500   1000  
Sample Management Module incl.   n/a   2499   2499  
Statistics Module incl.   200   200   400  
Voice Capture Module  incl.   n/a   500   1000  
PDA Module n/a   500   500   1000  
Additional Language Interfaceb n/a   250   250   500  
Spanish Dictionary (for spell checking)c n/a   50   50   100  
Ci3 Text Importing Module n/a   75   75   150  
File Sharing for Interview Stations n/a   200   200d   incl.  

Interview Stationse
Allow extra operators to enter/edit data for paper, phone or voice capture interviews.
Number Standard Voice Capturef   PDAg 


75   250   75  


245   825   245  


420   1400   420  


750   2500   750  
40   1500   5000   1500  

a For 2 analysts, includes file sharing.
b Allows users to switch menus, labels and the help file from English to Spanish or vice versa.  
c Included in Spanish language copies and with the Additional Program Language option.
d Included with the Sample Management Module.
e Data entry is included in all Editions of The Survey System.  
f Requires Voice Capture Module.
g Requires PDA Module.

Shipping and Handling Costs
US International
  3rd Day     $20     Express Mail (Canada)   $45  
  2nd Day     $25     Express Mail International (where available)   $55  
  Next Day     $50     FedEx International   call  

We need a telephone number for all orders.
Enterprise Edition orders may require additional shipping charges.

California residents must add 7.75% Sales Tax on the subtotal including shipping


   Money Back Guarantee

We are sure you will find The Survey System to be the complete solution to your survey software needs, but if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, return it within 30 days of shipping for a full refund (excluding shipping and handling). In addition, if you discover some circumstance in which the current version of our software does not work as described in its manual, we will provide a correction free of charge.


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