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Update Version 9.0   

This page contains the latest updates to The Survey System Version 9.0.  They fix any problems that have been reported and may add minor enhancements.  We recommend The Survey System users check this site about once a month or as convenient.  If you wish to update an older version, select the version at left.   If you wish to learn about the new features in Version 9.0, click here.

These updates are for current registered users of Version 9.0.  They will not work by themselves.  Neither will they add any Modules or a language you do not already have, nor upgrade an earlier version.  You must first install Version 9.0 from a CD or files provided by CRS before you can use these updates.  

The updates to analyst copies of The Survey System and Interview Stations are provided as installation programs.  After you download them, run them. 

File Date Last Changed
The Survey System*
     in English
     en Espaņol
Interview Station*
     in English
     en Espaņol

  * If you have the Voice Capture Module, you need to download and install new Voice Capture support files in order to use copies of The Survey System dated May 6, 2005 or later.

The following are compressed using .ZIP format.  You can uncompress them using WINZIP and other products. After you decompress them, copy them into The Survey System's or the Station's folder (directory).  They will replace an existing file.

File Date Last Changed
Help File        9/26/06
Web Survey Server        9/25/06
Web Report Server        3/25/05
Web Graphic Applet Files        1/10/03
Time Zone/Area Code File        7/23/03
Indexer        3/23/05

PDA Survey Program, CAB Version
  Windows Installer Version  



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