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Web Survey Hosting

If you don't have a Web site, don't feel comfortable uploading files to a site or just rather have someone else do the work, use CRS's Web survey hosting service. We can create a questionnaire, host it and send you the results via e-mail, let you download them yourself or let you see the results online.  We can usually set up your survey within a day or two.

The Survey System's Web page questionnaires offer many page appearance choices and sophisticated questionnaire logic features.  Links to sample surveys are shown below.

If you want more than Web survey hosting, our research professionals can consult on questionnaire design, analyze your data and present you with a complete report.

Sample Online Questionnaires

These sample questionnaires are designed to illustrate some features of our software and our Web survey hosting service.  They are not intended as model questionnaires per se.  Please try them all.  They illustrate some different appearance choices and logic features.
  • Employee Sample - a multi-page survey with grid questions 

  • Lifestyle Sample - a one-page survey that includes section breaks

  • TV Commercial Sample - a survey with streaming video and automatic return to this page

  • Health Sample - a survey that includes branching and randomizes question order 

  • Product Sample - a survey that illustrates the password feature and how it can bring in information you already have about people.  Is also shows a progress bar and custom forward and back buttons.

  • Background Sample - a page from a survey by Evidens onderzoekdiensten that uses a background image to match their client's Web site.

  • Form Sample - a registration form.  This example shows how The Survey System can insert a questionnaire into a site's template page, making a survey conform to a site's look.


Sample Web Reports

We can set up live reports to let you check on the progress of your survey and see interim results.  Here are some examples:



Our fee for Web survey hosting service varies according to several factors.  To give you a definite quote we need the following information.

  • The questionnaire form or Survey System Question File you plan to use
  • Whether you want us to send out e-mails to prospective respondents
  • Whether you need passwords (global, individual or none)
  • Whether you want to use logos or graphics in the survey
  • Whether you want us to set up online reports
  • What kinds of reports you want us to provide or whether you just want the raw data
  • How long you want to keep the questionnaire active

Contact us at 707-765-1001 or today to get a quote.

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